Audie Murphy


Author Mattern, Joanne
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Copyright 2016
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Series Fact or Fiction? How Much is Fact? How Much is Fiction? Set 1
Series ISBN 9781680200706
Pages 32
Subject 1939 1945, 1939 1945, Audie, Medal Of Honor, Motion Picture Actors And Actresses, Murphy, Soldiers, World War, World War

Audie Murphy

Audie Murphy was a dirt–poor Texas farm boy without a future. He spent much of his childhood working at low–paying jobs and hunting to keep his family from starving. Audie s future looked bleak—until the United States entered World War II. Audie lied about his age to join the army, and soon this baby–faced soldier was fighting in Europe. Audie became a fearless leader and the most decorated combat soldier in American history. His war experiences became a popular book and movie, and Audie went on to a career as a Hollywood star. However, the story of America s most honored soldier is not what it seems to be. Audie may have been a hero, but his war experiences affected his life long after the shooting stopped. Find out the fact and fiction about this war hero and movie star and learn the true story of Audie Murphy.

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