Francis Marion (Swamp Fox)


Author Mills, Cliff
Binding Library Bound
Copyright 2016
Dewey Number 355.0092
Dimensions 6.5 x 9.25
Features full color and b&w illustrations, table of contents, chapter notes, glossary, works consulted, further reading, websites, index, about the author
Interest Level Intermediate
Reading Level 6.5
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Series Fact or Fiction? How Much is Fact? How Much is Fiction? Set 1
Series ISBN 9781680200706
Pages 32
Subject Francis, Generals, Marion, South Carolina, United States

Francis Marion (Swamp Fox)

Francis Marion, often referred to as the Swamp Fox, was one of America s most important Revolutionary War leaders. He and his small band of men battled the British in the fields, woods, rivers, and swamps of South Carolina. They never let up, disrupting communications and supply lines. His daring raids helped America gain independence. We know some facts about Marion, but they can get lost in the stories and legends about him. This book will help you separate fact from fiction and learn more about the real Francis Marion. The best stories are true stories, and the Swamp Fox s true story is one of courage, smart fighting, and a love of freedom. America is deeply in debt to him.

  • ISBN: 9781612289489

  • ISBN: 9781612289496

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