Futuristic Electric Airplanes


Author Sapet, Kerrily
BISAC Code JNF057010
Binding Library Bound
Copyright 2020
Dewey Number 629
Dimensions 8 1/2 x 11
Interest Level Intermediate, Middle
Reading Level 4.6
Series Futuristic Electric Vehicles
Pages 32
Series ISBN 9781680203585

Futuristic Electric Airplanes

Airplanes have come a long way since the first flight in 1903. They fly farther and faster than ever before. They also dump tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every day, burning up fossil fuels and polluting the planet. Airlines and other companies are teaming up to find a solution. Innovative new designs for electric airplanes could change the way people travel within the next few years. Someday you might hop on an airplane for a short trip instead of driving. Or, you might hover over city streets in an air taxi. The future of flight is exciting and looks electric.

  • ISBN: 9781680203462

  • ISBN: 9781680203479

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