We Visit Japan


Author Leavitt, Amie Jane
Binding Library Bound
Copyright 2014
Dewey Number 952
Dimensions 6.5 x 9.25
Interest Level Middle
Reading Level 7.2
Series Your Land and My Land: Asia
Series ISBN 9781612284859
Pages 64
Subject Japan

We Visit Japan

The island nation of Japan seems a bit like a lesson in contradictions. All it takes is one visit to the country to see that these striking opposites work together remarkably well, however. Tourists often enjoy both traditional activities such as the tea ceremony and more modern attractions like the Akihabara district. Even the country s religions are both different and the same. Shintoism, the ancient religion of the region, is still practiced today. Many Japanese have converted to Buddhism, a faith that came to Japan from surrounding areas. But some practice both religions in perfect harmony. The country has a long history and a rich culture that has helped it become the unique mix of old and new that it is today.

  • ISBN: 9781612284798

  • ISBN: 9781612285344

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