Collection: Biomimicry

Biomimicry is the act of copying nature to solve human problems. People learned to fly by copying birds. A Swiss hiker invented Velcro after observing how sticky burrs clung to his clothes and his dog's fur. A Japanese engineer found inspiration for the design of a bullet train from kingfishers diving silently into the water. Whale genes might help humans avoid cancer, and the study of shark skin has led to shark-inspired health-care products. Our new series, Biomimicry: Awesome Innovations Inspired by Nature, shines a spotlight on how birds, spiders, plants, sharks, whales, and dolphins have inspired people in science and business to find tomorrow's ideas today. This six-book series is a natural fit to help build a strong STEM foundation in young readers. Each title inspires imagination and curiosity with large photographs, fun facts, and a special section listing steps kids can take today to become tomorrow's innovators.