Collection: Unsung Heroes: Hispanic Heritage

Some of the most important people in the history of the United States came from other nations. Many came from Hispanic countries—including Cuba and Mexico. Numerous people of Hispanic heritage who have made significant contributions to the United States were born right here in this country, after their families took great risks in exchange for a new life in this land of opportunity. From journalist Maria Elena Salinas to teacher-turned-Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, their multicultural histories have made an impact on this country in a variety of ways. U.S. poet laureate Juan Felipe spent his childhood traveling back and forth to the United States from Mexico. His powerful poems tell the stories of what it was like to be the child of migrant farm workers in the 1950s. Mexican American chemist Mario Molina helped discover the cause of the hole in the Earth's ozone layer. As a child, Sylvia Mendez fought for the rights of Mexican children to attend the same schools as white children in the United States. As an adult, she became an activist for equal educational opportunities for all. This six-book series tells the stories of these amazing Hispanic Americans. Beautifully designed with large color photographs and fun facts, these exciting new titles will warm the hearts and stimulate the minds of young people everywhere.