A Project Guide to Light and Optics

A Project Guide to Light and Optics

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ISBN: 9781584159698

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What do CDs, lamps, lasers, and microwave ovens all have in common? They all use the power of light and optics! From ancient times when scientists puzzled over the effects of the Sun on Earth to today, where scientists and engineers use lasers to make precise cuts in metal, people have been fascinated by light and optics. In this book, you’ll delve into this incredible subject and learn how light can bend and bounce. You’ll understand how scientists use light to send data from one side of the world to the other. And, you’ll have fun discovering new things to do with flashlights and mirrors. These experiments and activities can be used as a starting point for science fair projects, or you can do them just for fun. Either way, you’ll find out a lot about the properties of light!

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