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All About African Mosquitoes

All About African Mosquitoes

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ISBN: 9781680207620

Dewey Number: 599.0

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Across Africa, most people are not worried about stampeding elephants or attacking lions. Instead, they fear the lowly mosquito. This insect kills more people than any other. Learn about this unique blood sucker in All About African Mosquitoes, part of an ongoing series on Insects Around the World. This book is packed with colorful pictures and information about how the mosquito feeds its young by feeding on us.

Gr 3-5–Most of the insects in this series are rarely covered in children’s books. Titles feature straightforward descriptions of characteristics and behaviors, accompanied by large ­photographs spanning a page and a half. Unique qualities, like the Matabele ant’s termite predation and the popularity of mopane worms as food for humans, are highlighted. Though there is plenty of intriguing information, the presentations are not always smooth and complete. Readers learn how Madagascar hissing cockroaches hiss, for example, but nothing about how that aids their survival. Some text boxes pack in too many facts. Photographs capture the unusual aspects of each insect fairly well, though not all directly support the textual content. VERDICT Worth considering for comprehensive insect species coverage.--April 1, 2023, School Library Journal

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