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All About Asian Pangolins

All About Asian Pangolins

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ISBN: 9781680204063

Dewey Number: 599.0

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Why are the tongues of pangolins so long? What are their protective scales made of? What do pangolins do when they are scared? Look inside All About Asian Pangolins to find the answers. You'll also discover beautiful, close-up photos of these fascinating scaly mammals. Pangolins is one of 18 books in our Animals Around the World series. Be sure to check out all 18!

Gr 1-3–Each spread includes a single eye-catching image that fills a page and a half. A text box on the side offers two or three simple sentences describing physical characteristics and behaviors. Pangolins, for example, highlights the animal’s scales and tongue, while also describing diet, defenses, and homes. Language is usually clear and direct, although the statement that Komodo dragons “eat dead animals and humans too” could use elaboration. Large photographs show the animals in varied settings and situations, although some details mentioned in the text, such as tiger paws and newborn pandas, are not represented visually. Threats to survival are noted at the end of Bengal Tigers and Giant Pandas but not in Orangutans. VERDICT Serviceable introductions for elementary school students.”--School Library Journal, November 1, 2019

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