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Americans in the Holy Land

Americans in the Holy Land

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ISBN: 9781612286815

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Many countries have a grand, national narrative in Israel, earned by the blood, sweat and tears of their pilgrims, soldiers, philanthropists, and immigrants who have left—or who are still leaving their mark in Israel. Unique among these stories is the long involvement of Americans, both Jewish and Christian, in Israel.

Americans in the Holy Land introduces people like Lieutenant William Francis Lynch of the US Navy who led the first expedition to explore the Jordan River and Dead Sea; Mark Twain whose travelogue The Innocents Abroad influenced generations of Americans with wanderlust; Golda Meir, a Milwaukee schoolgirl who became Prime Minister of Israel; and Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, a Holocaust survivor turned Haight–Ashbury hippie whose songs have inspired millions.

Americans in the Holy Land is the story of US born heroes, spies, archaeologists, and sports stars whose efforts have helped make Israel into a thriving and fascinating country.

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