Andrew Luck

Andrew Luck

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ISBN: 9781612284606

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Andrew Luck came to the NFL with big shoes to fill. The Indianapolis Colts had watched Luck break record after record leading Stanford University s football team to championship games. They chose Luck as their new quarterback to replace Peyton Manning, one of football s modern greats, from their team. Andrew showed that he brought more than luck to the game. This football nerd was the son of two lawyers and a pro-football player dad, Oliver Luck. Andrew had graduated at the top of his high school class. He earned as many MVPs on the college field as he did praise from his professors. And in the 2012 NFL season, Luck became the only first-year, number-one draft-pick quarterback, ever, to lead his team to the playoffs. As Luck would have it, this red-hot rookie is just getting started.

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