Antoine Lavoisier: Father of Modern Chemistry

Antoine Lavoisier: Father of Modern Chemistry

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ISBN: 9781584153092

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Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier was a statesman, businessman, economist, and social reformer who accomplished many things in each of these roles. However, it is for his work as a chemist that he is best remembered. Lavoisier uncovered the significance of oxygen. He was the first to understand that water is composed of hydrogen and oxygen. And the contributions he made to the metric system and chemical nomenclature continue to help scientists to this day.

Early in life Lavoisier learned to look at a problem analytically, and to approach its solution in a methodical manner. Whether in the laboratory or out, Lavoisier was continuously trying to improve the lives of his fellow French citizens. His keen mind made him world-famous, and even George Washington sought his advice.

The turbulent period of history in which Lavoisier lived robbed the world of this brilliant scientist, whom the world has come to call the Father of Modern Chemistry. His life was cut short by political violence, but his spirit of chemical investigation continues to live on in the research of modern science today.

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