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Awesome Innovations Inspired by Dolphins

Awesome Innovations Inspired by Dolphins

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Few species are as smart and playful as dolphins. These speedsters of the sea live in social groups. They have taught us many useful lessons about life in the ocean. With natural sonar, they can swim and hunt while blindfolded. Scientists study dolphins to learn more about intelligence in animals and in humans.

Gr 4-6–Young readers who are fascinated by animals will enjoy these titles that showcase examples of biomimicry. Photos depict animals and the innovations they have inspired; “Fun Facts” offer extra details. The text explains the problems researchers are trying to solve and how nature offers possible solutions. Examples include the Japanese bullet train with a nose like a kingfisher’s beak and coatings based on sharkskin that reduce bacteria on surfaces. Back matter features a recap of key concepts and a list of suggestions for those who would like to pursue a career as an engineer, architect, or inventor. VERDICT A wonderful set to use in covering engineering and design standards.--School Library Journal, November 1, 2020  

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