Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin

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ISBN: 9781584154358

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Few people have accomplished as much in as many different areas as Benjamin Franklin. He became the first internationally famous American scientist. In 1752, he proved that lightning is electricity. His dozens of inventions ranged from swim fins to bifocals. He proposed daylight savings time. In the colonies, he set up police and fire departments, public libraries, and post offices. As a famous printer, he was also one of the country s most popular writers.

Franklin also excelled in politics. He helped establish the United States of America: He was on the committee that drew up the Declaration of Independence, he convinced France to provide crucial assistance to the colonial army, he signed the Treaty of Paris, and he contributed ideas for the U.S. Constitution. In this book for young readers, author Jim Whiting overviews the life of one of the most famous Americans, Benjamin Franklin.

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