Britney Spears

Britney Spears

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ISBN: 9781584153290

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If it seemed like Britney Spears appeared on the music scene and instantly became a smashing success, it was just an illusion. In reality, Britney worked for years to create the kind of stardom she has received. A down-home country girl, Britney has talent, confidence, and strong values. As a child actress, she appeared on Star Search, starred in the Disney Channel s New Mickey Mouse Club (with Justin Timberlake and J. C. Chasez of N Sync), and made countless commercials. But at age 15, Britney was itching to do the singing/dancing solo routine. With the chart-topping success of her debut album/single . . . Baby One More Time, Britney began capitalizing on her brush with fame. All across the world, Britney Spears is a dedicated performer who is responsible for her own success.

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