Care for a Pet Chinchilla

Care for a Pet Chinchilla

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ISBN: 9781584157991

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If you re thinking about getting a pet but don t want a traditional animal like a cat or dog, you might want to consider getting a pet chinchilla. One of the best things about this pet is that it s so soft. In fact, it has the softest fur in the world. Chinchillas are unique in other ways, too. They are from a very dry and dusty place that has very little water. So, to clean themselves, they roll around in special volcanic dust! Chinchillas aren t all fun and games, though. As with any other pet, you need to feed your chinchilla the right foods, clean its cage, and spend time playing with it. Are you convinced you d like one of these animals as your pet? If so, read on to find out how you can convince your parents, too!

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