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Caring for My New Turtle

Caring for My New Turtle

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Dewey Number: 636.0

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Turtles are often a first pet. They are small and seem easy to care for. But turtles need the right kind of tank, warm water and food to thrive. Turtle owners love their pets. The only way to become a good turtle owner is to learn all about their needs.

Gr 3-6–These titles cover key areas of pet ownership, including selection, habitats, feeding, and care. Each spread provides several paragraphs of information and a single large photograph. Conversational prose addresses the prospective pet owner, exploring the challenges as well as the pleasures of each animal: “Now picture a toddler that slips between the refrigerator and a wall. That’s a ferret.” History, safety tips, and guidelines for choosing the right pet are included. Discussion of topics such as homes and cleaning methods offers specific details that are helpful and concise. Appealing photographs depict a good variety of types within each group, though specific breeds are usually not identified. Most images of pet habitats show only partial views. VERDICT Useful pet guides with some limitations."--School Library Journal, November 1, 2020

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