Carl Sandburg

Carl Sandburg

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ISBN: 9781584154303

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From humble beginnings in a small Midwestern town in 1878, Carl Sandburg grew to be an extraordinary man of letters. Sandburg was well loved for his poetry and biographies, but he was never an ivory tower intellectual, hidden away from the struggles and history of his country. Whether he was marching in Puerto Rico during the Spanish-American War or campaigning for Franklin Delano Roosevelt during World War II, Sandburg lived life fully, and preferably at the center of the action. By the time he died in 1967, Sandburg had written many books of poetry, a novel, a six-volume biography of Abraham Lincoln, children's books, and many, many speeches. Through it all, and even when he was zestfully attacking his county's political or religious leadership, Sandburg's profound love for his country came through. He adored the United States, although he saw its complicated and violent history clearly, as perhaps no other leading writer has. The American people saw the truth and eloquence of his work and showered Sandburg with affection. Book jacket.

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