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Converse All-Stars

Converse All-Stars

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People call them “All Stars,” “Chuck Taylors,” “Chucks,” and “Cons.” Converse sneakers go by many names. For more than 100 years, they have been some of the most popular sneakers in the world. Everyone from kids to actors wear Converse sneakers to show their personality and style.

"Whether you call them Converse or Chucks, this Sneak Peek @ Sneakers series (6 titles) offering lays down the history and continued success of one of the world’s most popular shoes. The Converse Rubber Shoe Company got its start in 1908 making winter boots, before expanding to their signature high-top, no-skid sneaker—Converse All Stars—that gained traction with basketball players like Wilt Chamberlain, Charles Taylor, and Julius Irving. Five clean and colorfully designed chapters relay the low-tech design and endless color options that have made Converse an enduring classic, telling how Chucks have come to be embraced by musicians—drummers, in particular—and skateboarders, as well as celebrities and the general public. The factoid-rich text is uniformly interesting, and a time line summarizes the brand’s developmental milestones."--Booklist, Julia Smith, October 1, 2020

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