David Archuleta

David Archuleta

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ISBN: 9781584157588

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It seemed that whenever David Archuleta opened his mouth, was singing. Friends and family teased him about it, but they were always impressed with his voice. When David was sixteen years old, they convinced him to leave his summer job in a local park to fly to San Diego, California, and audition for American Idol. Although he d always wanted to make a career in music, he never dreamed he would make it to the Top Ten, let alone be voted the runner-up for Season 7.

For David, who was an average teenager from Murray, Utah, being an American Idol contestant was just the start of a series of amazing firsts. His music and performing career has taken off with a hit single and CD, national and international solo tours, and television appearances on hit shows such as iCarly and Hannah Montana. Find out how this sensitive young man followed his passion to achieve his dream of stardom.

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