Drew Brees

Drew Brees

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ISBN: 9781584159117

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Drew Brees never had it easy. He had to wait until his junior year to play for his high school varsity team. College football teams from his home state, Texas, didn’t want him. Some experts thought he was too short to play in the National Football League. Some coaches didn’t believe he’d recover from an injury. In the end, he proved them wrong to become a record-setting quarterback for Purdue University and the NFL’s New Orleans Saints. He led Purdue to its first Rose Bowl appearance in 34 years. He led New Orleans to the 2010 Super Bowl victory over the favored Indianapolis Colts with a near-perfect performance. Along the way he used his Brees Dream Foundation to help the city of New Orleans rebuild after Hurricane Katrina. Based on interviews by veteran sportswriter Pete DiPrimio, this action-packed sports biography tells how Drew Brees became a real-life hero for a community that badly needed one.

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