Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade

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ISBN: 9781612280639

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Dwyane Wade never had it easy. He grew up in a part of Chicago that was full of gangs and drugs. His mother had so many problems that his sister raised him for a while before he finally moved in with his father. He became a high school basketball star, but many colleges weren’t interested because his grades weren’t good enough. Still, he kept working and believing, and Marquette coach Tom Crean gave him a chance. Dwyane improved his grades and became one of the country’s best college players. He led Marquette to the 2003 Final Four and was drafted by the NBA’s Miami Heat. He led Miami to the 2006 NBA championship, then helped the U.S. win 2008 Olympic gold. Along the way he used his Wade’s World Foundation to help kids and adults. Based on research by veteran sportswriter Pete DiPrimio, this action-packed biography tells how Dwyane Wade has become a real-life hero.

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