Extreme Skateboarding with Paul Rodriguez

Extreme Skateboarding with Paul Rodriguez

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ISBN: 9781584154891

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Sailing down railings . . . Soaring over obstacles . . Spinning off ledges. The extreme sport of street skateboarding can at times seem like flying, and no one takes street skateboarding to the extreme like Paul Rodriguez Jr. From the time he was a young boy, Paul had one goal in mind: to be the best street skateboarder in the world. His first challenge was convincing his father, Latino comedian Paul Rodriguez Sr., that street skateboarding is his life. Paul has worked hard to make his dream come true, and his hard work has paid off. He has won many skateboarding competitions, including Slam City Jam and the X Games. The future holds many possibilities for this talented young man, but one thing is sure: Whatever he does, Paul Rodriguez Jr. will take it to the extreme!

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