Extreme Snowboarding with Lindsey Jacobellis

Extreme Snowboarding with Lindsey Jacobellis

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ISBN: 9781584155980

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At ten years old, Lindsey Jacobellis first picked up a snowboard after watching her big brother try it out. Soon she was racing the older boys down the slopes—and beating them. Today, Lindsey is the world’s most successful extreme sports competitor in boardercross—a turning, jumping, heart-stopping downhill race on snowboards—and the halfpipe—a high-flying stylized snowboarding show. On the snow, a driven, fierce athlete emerges from this well-spoken woman with trademark curly blond hair. Her phenomenal talent has taken her from countryside Connecticut to mountains around the world, where she has medaled in a series of X Games, the World Cup, and the Olympics. What a ride!

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