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ISBN: 9781584155218

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Growing up in Southern California, Stacy Ann Ferguson’s meteoric career in entertainment began when she was eight years old, starring on the television program Kids Incorporated. As a teenager, she formed her own singing group, Wild Orchid. When their record label declined to release their third album, Stacy turned to drugs to medicate her frustration. That detour into drug addiction nearly derailed her bright future.

Through determination and therapy, Stacy got clean. Weaving together her singing, dancing, and acting talents, she was soon back on stage. Known worldwide as Fergie, Stacy is a singer, songwriter, and television and film actress. A solo artist and member of the Black Eyed Peas, she has voiced commercials, created music videos, and designed fashion bags. Read how this all-American girl overcame her demons to walk the red carpet at the Grammy Awards and travel the world on concert tours.

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