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Fighter Jets

Fighter Jets

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Fighter jets are perhaps the most exciting military vehicles. Modern jets can fly faster than the speed of sound. U.S. fighter jets zip through the sky to defend and protect their country. They have helped the military for 70 years. They track down the enemy and shoot missiles. Their main purpose is to bring peace through strength. Find out more about fighter jets in this fun and appealing book!

"Gr 2-4–These informative titles describe the history and development of military vehicles. Aquatic transportation like aircraft carriers and submarines are still used today, but battleships have fallen out of use. Why? These slow-moving targets are easily attacked by fighter jets and drones. Ground vehicles, such as tanks and light tactical vehicles (think Jeeps), are also still used in most offensive strikes. Perhaps the most interesting title is Drones. These aircraft started with unmanned, bomb-dropping balloons. Today, drones are controlled remotely to keep pilots safe but are not without controversy—they’re responsible for many attacks that unintentionally harm innocent civilians. The text is accompanied by illustrations and photographs. VERDICT A worthy, high-interest purchase for most collections, especially Drones."--School Library Journal, November 1, 2020

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