Flo Rida

Flo Rida

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ISBN: 9781584159063

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Growing up in one of the toughest neighborhoods in Miami, Florida, rapper Flo Rida could have easily run with gangs, taken drugs, or carried a weapon. He had a different idea, though. As a boy, he knew that he wanted a music career. Reaching his dream wasn’t easy. After graduating from high school and spending some time in college, he ventured to Los Angeles to pursue a record deal. With no money in his pockets, he was often working several odd jobs at a time, scraping together whatever he could to live. His life changed when he received a call from the CEO of Poe Boy Entertainment. After a trip back to Miami and a few meetings with record companies, his debut album was released. It quickly launched Flo Rida to international fame. This music artist, who became famous for his songs “Low” and “Right Round,” has begun the path of a long and prosperous career.

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