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Gaboon Viper: Africa's Largest Viper Snake

Gaboon Viper: Africa's Largest Viper Snake

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ISBN: 9781680207743

Dewey Number: 597.0

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With a head as big as an adult's fist and a body almost as thick as your leg, the Gaboon viper is a massive snake. It doesn't like to move and can lie patiently for hours. When it strikes, its head shoots out at 200 mph. Its huge fangs can release enough venom to kill an elephant. Learn all about this deadly snake in Gaboon Viper: Africa's Largest Viper Snake –– just one of the titles in the series Lethal Strikers: Africa's Deadliest Snakes. This book is filled with full-color pictures of this gorgeous reptile along with interesting facts about how it lives and how it kills.

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