George Eastman and Photographic Film

George Eastman and Photographic Film

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ISBN: 9781584152583

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Like many Americans, George Eastman enjoyed taking photographs. But in 1877, photography was a complicated process that included chemicals, glass plates, and boxes full of equipment.

George Eastman decided there had to be an easier way to take pictures. Although he had a full-time job at a bank, he devoted every spare minute to experimenting with photography. Within a few years, he had created a better way to take pictures. His inventions led to a new business, the Eastman Kodak Company. The company s new films and cameras changed the world of photography forever. For the first time, a person didn t have to be a professional photographer to take a picture. Eastman s cameras were so simple that even children could use them.

Because of his hard work and willingness to try new things, Eastman made photography as simple as pushing a button.

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