Gerhard Domagk and the Discovery of Sulfa

Gerhard Domagk and the Discovery of Sulfa

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ISBN: 9781584151159

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There are many scientists and researchers who have become world famous for their inventions and discoveries. However, the work of some scientific and medical pioneers offered only brief benefits before being overshadowed by better, or more long-lasting discoveries. This is the story of one of those early pioneers. He discovered Prontosil s antibacterial properties and used sulfa to save the lives of England s Prime Minister and the son of a U.S. President. He even used the drug to save the life of his own daughter. During the peak use of sulfa, the drug saved the lives of both soldiers and civilians. Despite his accomplishments, the man s contribution to modern medicine has been largely forgotten. His name is Gerhard Domagk and this is his story.

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