In Ancient Mesopotamia

In Ancient Mesopotamia

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ISBN: 9781584158189

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Did you know the wheel was invented in Mesopotamia? Thousands of years ago in the area of Asia called The Fertile Crescent, people who had been nomadic hunters and gatherers settled in Mesopotomia and began to create some of the first civilizations. Before long, Mesopotamian farming villages grew into the world s first cities, where large buildings were built, beautiful art was created, and the first system of writing was developed, leading to the earliest literature known.

Mesopotamians even had modern things that are hard to imagine people having thousands of years ago. They cooked gourmet meals using all kinds of ingredients and cooking techniques. They even had toilets that flushed!

Step back into the world of the Sumerians, the Assyrians, and the Babylonians, and learn how many of their inventions and discoveries are still used by people all over the world today.

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