In Pre-Columbian America

In Pre-Columbian America

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ISBN: 9781584158264

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If you were a boy growing up in pre-Columbian America, you would learn how to hunt, grow crops, or fish for your dinner. If you were a girl, you’d learn how to skin animals and use the hides to make clothing, or twist the fibers of plants to make yarn. You might also be a builder—taking bark and sewing it to saplings to make a shelter called a wigwam. Even though you wouldn’t go to school, you’d learn everything you needed to know to become a happy and healthy member of society. Older members of the clan would teach you.

Find out how the many cultures across the land, from the Thules and the Iroquois to the people of the Great Plains, lived, loved, and celebrated life in the Americas before European settlement.

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