In the Aztec Empire

In the Aztec Empire

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ISBN: 9781584158240

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Imagine you are growing up in an Aztec family. Music and dance are important parts of your life, for they are tied in with religion, and pleasing the gods is very important. You will learn how to sing, dance, and play a musical instrument by the time you are twelve years old, and how well you do so will reflect on your family. You study music, and you perform in an orchestra that plays for special religious celebrations.

Imagine you are a dancer or a singer. You and your group shake bodies, hands, and feet in time to the drums. You sing together while holding flowers and wearing feathers. The songs and dances tell a story, perhaps one of the early Aztec legends or something to do with the gods. Hundreds of people join you in these dances and songs, and when you perform well, your parents are very proud. Find out more about these customs and how the Aztecs lived, worked, and played in the land that would become Mexico.

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