In the Mayan Civilization

In the Mayan Civilization

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ISBN: 9781584158226

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Nearly 4,000 years ago, in the tropical rain forest of Central America, the Mayan culture began to emerge. From small farming villages, the Mayan civilization grew into vast urban metropolises. Without the use of the wheel or metal tools and with no work animals, the Maya constructed five-story buildings, ornate temples, and 200-foot-tall pyramids out of stone. They had complex calendars, were expert astronomers and mathematicians, and played the world’s first team sport.

Discover how this advanced civilization developed into cities with populations reaching nearly 100,000, and then how it mysteriously disappeared. Find out how the Maya built their homes, raised their children, made food and clothing, and worshiped their gods. Learn how they healed the sick, and how they played their ball games—to the death.

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