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Infrastructure of America's Ports, Harbors and Dams

Infrastructure of America's Ports, Harbors and Dams

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ISBN: 9781680201468

Dewey Number: 627.0

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Ports, harbors and dams all serve great purposes. Dams prevent flooding. They provide a wall against onrushing water to protect people below. Ports and harbors allow ships to arrive from all over the world. Those ships import and export goods that people use. They create jobs and boost the economy. But there is a dark side explored in this book. The dams, ports, and harbors that are not maintained can suffer. The result is that people suffer. Dams can burst and cause flooding that have killed people. Ports and harbors are often filled with garbage and sewage. That is unhealthy and even dangerous for people and wildlife. Their waters are sometimes not deep enough to accept heavy ships. These pages will explain what is being done about those dams, ports, and harbors. Can they be saved?

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