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Investigating Ghosts in Houses

Investigating Ghosts in Houses

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Across the United States are houses that are said to be haunted. Do the spirits of the dead really dwell in these places? There is a devoted group who want to find out. These ghost hunters, also known as paranormal investigators, gather evidence to prove that ghosts are real. Look inside to read all about so-called haunted houses. And follow paranormal investigators who seek to uncover the truth about ghosts.

Gr 4-6–In addition to detailing paranormal investigators’ experiences and equipment, this well-written series presents the encounters of ordinary people. The conversational tone doesn’t talk down to readers, who are encouraged to interpret investigators’ and other witnesses’ findings. Each title offers an intriguing opening. Atmospheric photos are supplemented by informative captions, heightening the overall somber mood. White text is set against dark blue backgrounds. Numerous “Interesting Fact” sidebars share important data. Each title includes a page that lists common “ghost-hunting tools” to inspire students to conduct their own explorations. VERDICT Well done and appealing. Educators can encourage students to discuss their interest in ghost hunting, where they’d look, and what they’d say or do during ghostly encounters. In journalism units, students can present TV interviews or write news articles that profile subjects who have encountered ghosts.--School Library Journal, November 1, 2020

“Kids who enjoy being a little scared by ghost stories will find satisfaction in the Investigating Ghosts series. The books immediately set a creepy tone with white text set against dark backgrounds and an introduction to the venue where the reader will be seeking specters. In each installment, the author describes four haunted sites from around the U.S. and how paranormal investigators have tried to track and identify their ghosts with sensitive technology. Fans of related television shows may recognize some of their favorite ghost hunters throughout the series. Investigating Ghosts in Cemeteries explains that, as sites for the dead, graveyards may attract ghosts, such as La Llorona (or the "Weeping Woman") of California's Agua Mansa Pioneer Cemetery. Investigating Ghosts in Hotels spotlights lingering, ghostly guests and owners, as well as the unexplained noises, sightings, and temperature changes they may create. Investigating Ghosts in Houses recounts some of the grisly and unusual events that may have encouraged ghosts to return to or seek out a home. Investigating Ghosts in Schools contends that this happier setting may draw youthful ghosts to roam current or former schools. Throughout the volumes, photos depict the ghost sighting venues and their paranormal investigators while "Interesting Facts" provide more information on ghost-hunting methods and equipment. High-interest chills for young readers.”--Angela Leeper, Booklist, September 1, 2020

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