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Israel and the Arab World

Israel and the Arab World

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ISBN: 9781680200003

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Israel and the Arab World, written from an Israeli viewpoint, examines Israel s geopolitical position in the Middle East and the Arab world. The status of many Palestinians as stateless people and refugees is often in the news. This book explains how this tragedy was created and is being perpetuated. The narrative examines Zionist chauvinism, Arab rejectionism, the long and convoluted search for peace, and the history of asymmetric warfare and terror. Israel s relationship with Egypt and Jordan—with whom it has peace treaties—is discussed. The reader will meet some Palestinians, including Palestinian Americans, and will encounter a symbol that evokes co–existence and peace. Parallel to the Palestinian–Israeli conflict is a war for public opinion. The author encourages each reader to have an open mind and to avoid stereotypes as they seek to unravel the tangled truth. Peace begins in one s heart, and not from government decrees; certainly not from propaganda. It is the hope in this undertaking that we may all merit to contribute to peace and understanding in the global village which is our planet Earth.

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