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Israel: Holy Land to Many

Israel: Holy Land to Many

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ISBN: 9781612286839

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For billions of religious believers, Jews, Christians and Muslims, Israel is the Holy Land. There are millions of followers of less well–known faiths—Samaritans, Druze and Bahá í—who also revere the Land of Israel.

Many of the events of the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament and even passages in the Quran (Islam s scriptures) took place in Israel. It may also be said that Israel is a crossroads for traditional religion and New Age spirituality.

Israel: Holy Land to Many is an introduction to the narratives of the different faiths which view this sliver of a country as sacred ground. In these eight chapters we ll explore fabled places like Mount Moriah and Golgotha in Jerusalem. We ll learn about less well–known holy sites such as Mount Gerizim, and discover why Christmas is celebrated on three different dates in Jerusalem.

It is my hope that you will be inspired by this book—and that one day you will come to explore tiny Israel—the bridge between Heaven and Earth.

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