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Israeli Culture in Perspective

Israeli Culture in Perspective

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ISBN: 9781612285665

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Join six Israeli teenagers as they meet in an unexpected way, and become friends despite their different cultures. Each one describes his or her family background, customs, and connection to general Israeli culture. Nadav, Shmulik, Ori, and Ziva discover that they are related. Together with their Ethiopian-Israeli friend, Yityish, they discover the place where their family history in Israel began. Along the way, they meet Mahmoud and learn about Arab-Israeli culture. Learn about the many different Israeli cultures and about fascinating aspects of Israeli life. Discover the wide variety of Israeli foods. Try your hand at an Israeli cookie recipe and an arts and crafts project. And follow along with Nadav, Shmulik, Ori, Ziva, Yityish, and Mahmoud as they learn about what makes each of them unique, and what they have in common!

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