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Jacob's Body: Book Two

Jacob's Body: Book Two

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ISBN: 9781680208474

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Is The Academy’s headmaster a killer? Will Casey be his next victim? The mystery deepens in Jacob’s Body, Book Two of The Academy Series.

The Northeast Kingdom Academy of Music & Art was built on a farmer’s field. Today it’s world famous, with graduates scoring movies and performing in symphonies. The farmer’s son was one of the first students. Then Jacob disappeared and his father died.

As Casey searches for Jacob’s body, she discovers a map her missing dorm mate Sheila left behind. It could be a clue. It could also be why she was taken. Each new discovery brings new dangers even as Casey is haunted by ghosts—of Jacob, of his father, of other missing girls.

She enlists Sheila’s friends—Darlene, a powerlifting artist and Emily, a fashion-forward pianist. But, they might not be enough to stop a stalking killer.

The second book in a series set at The Northeast Kingdom Academy, Jacob’s Body is a story of haunted basements and empty graves, tempered by the passionate romance of Casey and her star musician boyfriend.

**Warning: May contain possible sexual content.

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