John Hancock

John Hancock

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ISBN: 9781584154433

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Born to a clergyman and his wife and raised by a wealthy aunt and uncle, John Hancock truly went from rags to riches. While still a young man, Hancock lent his name, money, and position in Boston’s society to the ever-growing group of colonists calling for a complete break from England. He was labeled a traitor by King George III, who put a price of 500 pounds on his head, and was hunted by members of the king’s army. Hancock made his way from Massachusetts to Connecticut to Philadelphia, where, in 1775, he represented Massachusetts at the Second Continental Congress. Hancock’s life progressed from wealthy businessman to rebel to Founding Father.

This story of the first man to sign the Declaration of Independence is the story of all Americans. Those who read about this selfless man will not only be inspired by his life, but will also learn what it means to be an American.

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