Johnny Gruelle (Raggedy Ann author)

Johnny Gruelle (Raggedy Ann author)

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ISBN: 9781584153597

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She was a sweet little rag doll named Raggedy Ann. Her rag doll brother was a cute little fellow named Raggedy Andy. They became the leading characters in some of the best-loved children s books, and they have remained well-loved for almost a hundred years. But where did such successful and happy dolls begin? The answer lies in the story of Johnny Gruelle. He didn t think of writing children s books at first. Johnny started out drawing sports pictures and cartoons. He and his wife, Myrtle, had a little girl. Johnny told her stories about her rag doll. Pretty soon, the doll was named Raggedy Ann. But no one knew that there would be great sorrow ahead. No one knew that the little rag doll would help Johnny and his family when they needed it most.

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