Matt Christopher

Matt Christopher

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ISBN: 9781584155355

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Matt Christopher grew up with two passions—baseball and writing. As a young man, he played semiprofessional ball but quickly realized that while talented, he wasn’t good enough to be a professional player. So he channeled all his creative energies into being a writer. Every night when he got home from work he would sit in front of his typewriter and turn out stories. Eventually, he started getting published, but he wasn’t selling enough to make a living at writing. And then he took the advice of his local librarian, who suggested he combine his love of sports with his love of writing. The result was The Lucky Baseball Bat, and Matt Christopher knew he had finally found his niche. He became known as the bestselling sportswriter for children, having written more than 100 books that have sold over six million copies. More than anything, Matt Christopher proved that if you try hard enough, your dreams really can come true.

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