Meet Our New Student From Zambia

Meet Our New Student From Zambia

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ISBN: 9781584157359

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Danny Parker and his fourth-grade classmates in rural New York are excited to meet Franco, a boy who will be joining their school from Zambia. Their teacher prepares nshima and pineapple chutney, and the students weave baskets to prepare for his arrival. They also learn that Zambia is a rare landlocked country where people can see lions, rhinos, and elephants. It is home to such wondrous sites as Victoria Falls and the Zambezi River.

Zambia was once one of the major copper-producing nations in the world. But a poor economy and a deadly disease have caused a lot of despair in Zambia, as they have throughout much of Africa. Danny and his friends are eager to welcome Franco to their school, where he will have a chance to rebuild his life after AIDS devastated his family. (Recipe and craft instructions included.)

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