Megan Fox

Megan Fox

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ISBN: 9781584159124

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Megan Fox is the poster child for empowered women: she’s part glamour girl and part action-adventure heroine. Outspoken and controversial, Fox has a disarming sense of humor about herself and is the first to admit she has yet to prove herself a serious actress. Despite her movie star looks, life wasn’t always easy for Fox. Born and raised in a very strict Tennessee family, Fox was bullied so badly in school she started eating her lunch while hiding in a bathroom stall. Being an outcast in school prompted her to put all her energies into performing. She appeared in her first movie at sixteen and never looked back. Within five years she was starring opposite Shia LaBeouf in Transformers, the movie that made her a star and one of the most photographed women in the world. This book recounts her journey from the hills of Tennessee to international fame and reveals the girl-next-door side of Fox rarely seen.

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