Mid-Atlantic Recipes

Mid-Atlantic Recipes

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ISBN: 9781612280684

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The Mid-Atlantic region of the United States stretches from the Great Lakes of New York to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and east to the Atlantic Ocean. Encompassing great cities such as Philadelphia and New York, it also includes Lancaster’s tranquil Amish country and quiet fishing towns on the Chesapeake Bay. The region’s fist residents were Native Americans who cooked corn and squash as well as the area’s rich bounty of deer, fish, and crabs. Settlers from Europe brought their own food and farming traditions, and later, immigrants from other parts of the world added dishes from their own heritages. Today, the Mid-Atlantic States feature a variety of regional treasures, from spiedies and crab cakes to Philly cheesesteak and Waldorf salad. Use this culinary travel guide to tour the versatile and vibrant Mid-Atlantic region.

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