Mildred Taylor

Mildred Taylor

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ISBN: 9781584153115

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Mildred Taylor was a quiet and shy girl. She loved to daydream and read. She loved to read so much, she hid wherever she could to read without interruptions. Sometimes she even read in the closet! Mildred also loved to hear the stories told by her parents, aunts, and uncles. When she tried to tell her classmates about some of those stories, they wouldn t believe her. This was during the time in U.S. history known as segregation. Mildred s white classmates couldn t believe the brutal or heroic details she recounted. This didn t stop Mildred. She decided she would tell her true stories about strong and courageous African Americans. She would become a writer. In this classic storytellers biography, readers get to know the hardships and triumphs of one of America s best storytellers for young people, Mildred Taylor.

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