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Moths: Native Pollinators

Moths: Native Pollinators

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ISBN: 9781680203868

Dewey Number: 582.0

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Moths are fuzzier and fatter than their butterfly cousins. A lot of moths are brown and dull looking. Butterflies get songs and poems written about them. Hardly anyone swoons over moths. But moths deserve our respect and attention. Moths are pollinators, and many are native to America. While most insect pollinators work during the day, moths take the night shift. They visit flowers that bloom under the light of the moon. Moths play a vital role in the life cycle of plants. Some are beautiful, too, like the large, green Luna moth and the lo Moth, which looks like it has two large eyes on its wings. Native Pollinators: Moths is a good place to start learning about these fascinating night pollinators.

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