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Native Alaskan Cultures in Perspective

Native Alaskan Cultures in Perspective

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ISBN: 9781612285610

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Native Alaskan Cultures in Perspective is an in-depth look at the different regional cultures of Alaska with an emphasis on current cultures. The young reader is presented with an overview of a variety of regional cultures that developed historically and analyzes how the cultural history shapes the Alaskan region s current cultures. The book is written in a lively and interesting style and discusses a variety of Alaskan peoples including the Yupik (Eskimo), Aleut, Eyak, Tlingit, Haida, Athabaskan, and Tsimsian. The book contains the Alaskan region s languages, foods, music/dance, art/literature, religions, holidays, lifestyle, and most importantly contemporary culture in the country today. The book has been developed to address many of the Common Core specific goals, higher level thinking skills, and progressive learning strategies from informational texts for middle grade and junior high level students.

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