New Netherland: The Dutch Settle the Hudson Valley

New Netherland: The Dutch Settle the Hudson Valley

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ISBN: 9781584154617

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One of the first American colonies was New Netherland, established by the Dutch government of the Netherlands more than 160 years before the American Revolution. New Netherland encompassed all of New York, and parts of New Jersey, Connecticut, and Delaware. Early explorers charted land and waterways and claimed them for the Netherlands. They also discovered a profitable trade in furs with Native American tribes. Already successful in trade with Asia, the Dutch established the West India Company to invest in the trade opportunities in America. One of the first things they did was to encourage settlement in New Netherland. People from throughout Europe took advantage of settling in the new colony. According to one governor, Peter Stuyvesant, eighteen different languages were spoken in New Netherland. The Dutch and British had long disagreed about boundaries. These disagreements led to three Anglo-Dutch Wars. In the end, the British took control of New Netherland and renamed it New York. But the Dutch influence on the colony and its people continued.

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